A letter from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Needless to say we were ridiculously excited!



Water fun!

A day of learning about capacity followed by a rather large water fight! (I’m sure we said no squirting adults!!)

What fun!!


Banquet day!


Lots of fun on a very hot banquet day. We processed with drums and banners following King Tom and Queen Elspeth with Prince William and Princess Liberty with all the others ‘dignitaries’ following on behind. Once into the banqueting hall we enjoyed listening to Henry VIIIs Greensleeeves and tucking in to cucumber sandwiches and fruit kebabs – typical royal banquet food don’t you know?!

The children looked brilliant and behaved brilliantly! What a joy this year 1 have been. Thank you and have a great summer.

A Trip to Remember

The most wonderful day in the woods to kick off the history part of our topic.

We became Kings and Queens of the forest by gathering forest jewels and treasure for our crowns. After lunch we made a castle and a kingdom, rounded off by a toasted marshmallow celebration.

Back at school we have thought about all the things we would like to learn and used the iPads to do some research.

Finally on Friday we sent our card to Queen Elizabeth who celebrates her official birthday on Saturday. Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

Writing and numbers

On top of our amazing science work we have been busy learning about features of non-fiction texts and have begun to create our own information books. We have researched different animals using some brilliant library books. After that we labelled illustrations and added captions and longer pieces of information. We are working hard on our handwriting and presentation and are beginning to use the joins we have been learning.

In maths we have been learning about numbers to 40 and sorting out our teens from our ‘ty’s and looking at one more and one less, missing number problems and number patterns. We know about our brains and that when we begin learning something new it’s like forging a path through a forest, which can be tricky, and only as we use that path more and more does it become easier.

Here’s something we will be trying this week:







We are busy being creative at the moment ready to melt your hearts and dazzle your eyes with our artistic talents…but you’ll have to wait and see! No sneak previews yet!

One thing I would like to share is my newest book purchase. If you’re thinking of an alternative to an Easter egg, looking for a beautiful gift or just can’t resist books like me I urge you to look at this one. It was created in response to various words, mostly about the natural world, being removed from the Oxford Junior Dictionary. It ties in perfectly with the joy class 3 are sharing as they spot animals and objects from nature.

Here are a couple of images to tempt you from The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane, with stunning illustrations by Jackie Morris (and no I’m not on commission!)





Slimbridge and Science

A slighlty late post about Slimbridge!

We had a fantastic day, despite the chilly temperatures, exploring the reserve and investigating in our hands on workshop. Here are just a few pics from the day.



We followed this up with lots of science at school. First we had a challenge from Mrs Twitcher to see if humans could build a nest as good as a bird! You will have seen the results but here is another selection from class 3.


We then used some of the things we had learnt to think about other animal groups. We discovered 6 because we are brilliant! Can you name them all? What group would you put the octopus in?