Week 4

Our week in pictures! Maths using number bond diagrams to solve missing number problems in the garden, talking about instructions and making jam sandwiches, learning about Judaism with Jacob’s mum, loving golden time and our new Lego, and welcoming our first Mystery Reader – Robin’s mum – on Friday afternoon. We love year 1🙂


Week 3

A whizzy busy week in year 3 culminating in a fun and thoughtful day raising money for Children in Need. You should feel very proud of your children and the thoughtful, kind and caring responses they came up with about the reasons behind Children in Need and the things they could do to help other children less fortunate than themselves.


A huge thank you from class 3 to the PTA who gave us (and lots of other classes at St James’) an enormous box af brand new Lego. We LOVED playing with it during golden time and created some super models.



Autumn 2 week 2

This week we have learnt so much!

How to solve problems in the playground…



How to understand and write number stories…


How to roll a ball in PE …

and why we have day and night…


We even spoke to Mrs Hughes’ son Sam on the other side of the world in New Zealand.  We looked out of our window and it was light, and then we looked out of his window and it was dark and he was off to bed!

We even wrote emails to Tim Peake to find out about life in space. Watch this space for more about that!




Autumn term 2 week 1

So much learning this week! Here’s a little taster…

Maths – we looked at number bonds and whole part diagrams. We are beginning to understand that a bigger number can be made up of two smaller numbers. We explored this idea with all sorts of resources!

English – we read our new story ‘Aliens love underpants’. Watch this space to see how we change this into our own stories!

Art – we looked at Anthony Gormley’s ‘The Field’ and discussed how all the little eyes of the sculptures looking up made us feel. We linked this to our alien visitor and how he might feel being alone on a strange planet. Then we made our own clay figures. We loved this! Come and see our exhibition in the entrance hall!