Senses week



We have such a fun week this week exploring our senses.

Monday was sight day where we explored mixing colours and thought about how it would be if we could not see.

Tuesday was hearing day. We went on a sound walk and played some listening games identifying different musical instruments and playing that old party favourite of trying to move the keys from under the chair. It was also our French day celebrating European languages day.

Wednesday was taste day where we had a lovely time tasting four different types of chocolate and learnt about adjectives to describe them.

Thursday was touch day. This was great fun especially as our grown ups came in to share the fun! It got a bit messy! Luckily we performed our poem for poetry day before we got too sticky!

Finally Friday was smelly day! Class 3 were so sensible ‘passing the pong’ and trying to identify what each one was.

You should be very proud of how well they have done this week.

Here are a few pictures.





Thinking about others

This week we have been thinking about others in lots of different ways. In English we have learnt about captions and how to write them. We used the iPad to take photos of our friends and then wrote captions to go with the photos, the most entertaining of which was ‘[my friend] is jolly good fun’! I’ll leave you to ponder who wrote that about who!

We have ordered numbers to 5, 10, 20 and even to 100 and beyond and explained why we have ordered them in particular ways using the words greatest and smallest.

Finally we have rounded off the week learning about how Jewish families celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. We cast away reasons to be sorry on fish which we threw into our (homamde) river and we baked delicious honey and cinnamon biscuits to sweeten the year ahead.

We also thought about the Big Question ‘Should you always forgive?’ As ever in year 1 I am astounded by the depth of thought such young children are capable of.

Here are some photos of our week.

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Class 3 2017-18

We are off to a flying start in class 3 with everyone happily settled in – it feels like they’ve been in class 3 for ever!

We are starting the year with our topic ‘Wonderful world, Wonderful me!’ and have kicked off with some amazing self portraits! Here are just a few for you to enjoy. Can you guess who is who?